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It’s the greatest game since sliced bread!
— M. Shelley

Hey! Someone got poison on our bread!

Hey! Someone got poison on our bread!

Penny Breadful

Our first handmade game is a real wonder. We hand crafted and laser cut cork to cram a 2-6 player game into a tiny pocket sized loaf of bread. Penny Breadful is a reverse bluffing game where players vie to be the last one who survives! Deceive your opponents into eating poisoned slices while you save the safe ones for yourself. Each loaf is separated into 4 chapters that act as player elimination minigames. Game night will never be the same again!

PB 1 shot.jpg
PB Laser.jpg

Limited Runs

Each batch of our handcrafted games are made in limited edition runs. The cork is laser engraved and laser cut then carefully washed and sorted. After we sort the slices we begin packaging by hand. This labor of love was kneaded into being by our appreciation of Puns, Games, Lying, and Literature. Our first run of 100 was unveiled at Maker’s Mart in Toledo, Ohio to overwhelming success; we sold out in under 3 hours!