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It’s the greatest game since sliced bread!
— M. Shelley

Hey! Someone got poison on our bread!

Hey! Someone got poison on our bread!

Penny Breadful

Our first handmade game is a real wonder. We hand crafted and laser cut cork to cram a 2-6 player game into a tiny pocket sized loaf of bread. Penny Breadful is a reverse bluffing game where players vie to be the last one who survives! Deceive your opponents into eating poisoned slices while you save the safe ones for yourself. Each loaf is separated into 4 chapters that act as player elimination minigames. Game night will never be the same again!

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Limited Runs

Each batch of our handcrafted games are made in limited edition runs. The cork is laser engraved and laser cut then carefully washed and sorted. After we sort the slices we begin packaging by hand. This labor of love was kneaded into being by our appreciation of Puns, Games, Lying, and Literature. Our first run of 100 was unveiled at Maker’s Mart in Toledo, Ohio to overwhelming success; we sold out in under 3 hours!


The Rules

Ch. 1: You’re Toast

Now, let’s get started. Place the slices of bread face-down in the center of the table. Decide who goes first but choose wisely.

On your turn carefully lift 1 slice of bread to show its underside to all other players. Don’t peek at your own slice! Ask if it’s safe to eat. Players must respond by indicating ‘yes it is safe,’ or, ‘no it is poison,’ then you decide to either keep it, or give it to another player. Remember, they might be lying! Place your trust carefully.

You don’t want poisoned bread! Put the slice face-down in front of you or an opponent. On an opponent’s turn do your best to convince them to keep poisoned slices and give up safe slices. Feed them lies or they may feed you your last meal!

Continue clockwise until all players have a maximum of 3 slices (light) / 2 slices (dark) in front of them. When a player has their maximum number of slices, they are full and cannot accept any more. When you are full on your turn, you now lift 1 slice and look at its underside in secret. Place it face-down in front of any player not yet full. Remember to let the know its safe to eat!

Once everyone is full, all players choose 1 slice in front of them and all simultaneously reveal it. If you have a safe slice, you survived! The survivors turn the page to begin the next chapter.


Ch. 2: Loaf and Death

Deal each player 2 slices of bread face-down, 1 safe slice and 1 poisoned slice.

Each player take a moment and look at the slices in secret. Then pass them both face-down clockwise.

Players, ask the next living player to your right (counterclockwise) which one is safe to eat. If they need a reminder, feel free to let the peek so they can better plan their lie. Pick a slice and turn it face-up. If you have a safe slice, you survived! Play continues clockwise. The survivors begin the next chapter.

Ch. 3: Russian Baguette

Place the slices of bread face down in center of the table. On your turn carefully lift 1 slice and show it to the player to your left. Players must respond by indicating ‘yes it is safe,’ or, ‘no it is poison,’ then you decide. How well do you trust them?

If you deem the slice is safe, flip it face-up immediately. If you don't think it is safe, return it to the center face-down, shuffle, and pass the turn to the player on your left. No player may pass their turn twice. The survivors begin the next chapter.

Ch. 4: The Princess Bread

First player look at the underside of both slices in secret. Put them both face-down. Now move one slice toward your opponent.

Your opponent now chooses. It is your opponent’s choice to switch with you or keep their given slice. Both slices are then revealed simultaneously. The survivor wins the game.

More Chapters Coming Soon…